Zero Design Large Format Porcelain

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Zero design pushes beyond to give voice to the pure designs of nature, without interpretations, reproducing it in a true and authentic manner.


Pietra, available in the dramatic 24”x48” in Bolivian White, Asian Grey and Indian Beige is a collection of stones gathered from different continents, each with its own distinctive appearance and variegated coloring.

pietra overall

As stone decomposes in its natural environment it becomes sand. Crumbling over the millennia these rocks become sand, wind-blown, pristine and pure. Thus resembled in Sabbia in three distinct colors; Salar White, Gobi Grey and Thar Beige.

PORCOOEMIZERDES SABBIA Gobi Grey 60x120 Sedia Tavolo SM

sabbia overall

In addition to the impressive 24”x48”, tesserae mosaics are also available in coordinating color ways.

mosaics overall

Full size Zero Design samples available in our showrooms.


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