Caiman_Stone square


Size: 4″x16″

Material: Ceramic

Finish: Glazed

Usage: Ceramic suitable for interior wet (including steam) and dry wall application.

Description:   Untamed, yet understated, the Primal Collection re-imagines the exotic texture of reptilian skin in a ceramic tile crafted for us in Spain. Native to the rainforests of Central and South America, Caiman (crocodile) and Teju (lizard) leathers are highly sought in fashion and interior design. We’re presenting our Caiman and Teju tiles in bold hues, like Palm and Lagoon, and in earthy tones, like Ivory, Stone, Terra, and Moss. Available in 4″ x 16″ field tile in all colorways and Quarter Round Moldings in select colors. By Artistic Tile.

Notes: Available in alternate colors and sizes.

Tearsheet: Primal Tear Sheet

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