Size: 24″x24″

Material: Porcelain

Finish: Naturale

Usage: Porcelain suitable for interior, exterior, wet and dry areas.

Description: Have you ever imagined what it would be like to salvage entire reinforced concrete walls with all their blatant modernity, and reuse them in a variety of residential contexts? REUSE creates a unique, original synergy: elegance and strength that unites to create places that, until today, only existed in our minds. The look is industrial concrete that retains all the marks left on its surface: the stains left by the damp imprints of the wooden boards used as support, and unexpected variations in the mortar and sand. The concrete’s surface look is minimalist and subtle, soft to the touch where the uneven patterning follows and integrates perfectly with the relief marks in the blocks.

Notes: Available in alternate colors.

Tearsheet: RE USE Tear Sheets

Price: $0
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