Margot Hampleman

Out of her sheer passion for artisanal tile, Margot founded Decorative Materials in 1988 with a goal to represent domestic ceramic craftsmanship. Her dream blossomed into one of the country’s leading tile and stone showrooms. Powered by her passion not only for tile, but for serving her community inside and out of the showroom, Margot loves helping people improve their lives. Adventure travel, exercise and immersion in nature are at the top of her list of inspirations, but she is also inspired by intelligent conversation and continual learning. Margot can’t leave home without her Lululemon joggers, and if she’s not in one of our showrooms, you can find her on a travel adventure or having a massage, which are two of her greatest luxuries. You may also find her snuggling with Heidi + Remi, her two beloved Brittany Spaniels, or as she would say, “the loves of my life!”

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