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Petra is a faithful reproduction of large slabs of Pietra di Borgogna with unique and original marks left by the passage of time. A balance between tradition and originality with countless details for elegant design.

Quinta do Vallado Winery, Peso da Regua, Portugal. Architect: Cristina Guedes and Francisco Vieira de Campos, 2013. Wooden wine barrels in concrete vault.

Petra is personified by subtle, dusty colors, typically of Burgundy stones and elegant, appealing, modern nuances that blend seamlessly with every style of interior, from contemporary to classic. We love Petra for its subtle variation and extensive selection of coordinating mosaics.

Petra-Grey-Nat-80x80-Amb-Livingsm 500

Sizes: 32” x 32” and 8” x 32” planking

beige 32 32

Beige 32″ x 32″

grey 32 32

Grey 32″ x 32″

beige mosaics

grey mosaics

Mosaics: 12” x 12”, Mosaico Tessera, Intreccio Basketweave & Muretto Interlocking.

Samples available in all locations!


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