The Future of Wood Porcelain

Posted on Aug 22, 2014 in

Like it or not, wood porcelain is not a trend, rather a timeless product which has become highly attractive for its real wood like characteristics and incredible durability. Rather than continuing to produce exact replicas of wood itself, Italian innovation has adopted a new perspective, which is perfectly exhibited in our new collection, timeless.

fossil SM

Timeless is a collection inspired by the fossilization process of trees, wood petrifying to stone; thus, bringing to life a precious and imperishable material, embellished by the shades and the charm of the process of time.

fossil_naturale_1 SM

Available in 6”x36” planks in glossy and matte as well as 1”x6” matte mosaics in three unique colors: Shell, Horn and Fossil.

fossil_composizione SM

Pictured above: Fossil Mosaico. Pictured below top to bottom: Fossil, Horn, Shell.


Porcelain with HIGH VARIATION suitable for interior, exterior, wet and dry applications. Mosaics recommended for shower floor use.

Contact your local showroom for samples, pricing and availability, stocked in our Denver Warehouse.



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