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Explore exterior stone + porcelain pavers available at Decorative Materials


Why 2cm Pavers?

We recommend 2cm material for exterior applications because it's highly durable and is designed with outdoor use at the top of mind. Our pavers are impervious to the Colorado elements and are equipped to stand the test of time.

Versatile Installation Options

Install on Gravel + Sand

Pavers are ideal for installation on gravel and sand. The system is extremely easy to install and can be freely repositioned, thereby allowing maximum creativity in the configuration and flexibility with any subsequent changes.

Floating Installation

These 2-centimeter thickened sheets are perfect for raised installations with the use of fixed or adjustable feet. This creates a technical compartment under the surface, accessible by simply lifting the sheets.

Install on Grass/Grassy Surfaces

Install in grass by carving out two inches of soil and then pouring a layer of gravel to make a proper bed about 1.5 inches thick. Next, lay your paver on top of the gravel and level the surface using a rubber hammer.

Traditional Installation

In any area subject to high static or dynamic loads, install your pavers using the classic method (adhesive). This technical response will withstand the test of time and can handle any stress, even in high traffic and urban areas.

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Explore Some of Our Paver Options

We have a wide range of materials available at Decorative Materials for both indoor and outdoor use.

Our website represents only a small sampling of what we have to offer. With a wide array of vendors, we are able to find materials to meet your exact needs and specific requirements.

Please contact a Decorative Materials showroom to learn more about our full product offering.


Porcelain Pavers


Stone Pavers

Advantages of Porcelain Pavers

The material – squared and rectified – has extremely high resistance to loads and traffic.

It does not change color or size and it does not deteriorate over time.

It is chemical resistant (including additives for pools and common household detergents).

It is weather resistant (rain and wind), salt, corrosion and mildew resistant.

It is non-slip/non-skid (R11 A+B).

Easy to clean.

Does not scratch.

Frost and fire resistant.

Does not require specific treatments or seasonal maintenance.

The light colors have a high solar reflectance index. In other words, the material does not absorb much heat and does not become hot to the touch.


Unlike other materials such as wood, natural stone and cement, porcelain tile is not porous and therefore it does not absorb liquids. This means that it does not stain or crack and it does not require surface treatments or special maintenance.

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