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Adda Modular Drawer


Adda Modular Drawer


The Adda Modular Drawer is from an elegant collection that plays with the inherent properties of different materials in the coolness of natural stone and the warmth of stone. Adda creates a sensation of warmth and elegance. Its rich-toned walnut wood has been transformed into a classic ribbed finish by some of Italy’s finest wood workers and the stone basins are crafted and hand-finished in Tuscany. In addition to the original ribbed version, Adda also now comes with facings in smooth walnut, maple and thermo-treated oak, or stone. This collection sits comfortably in both bathroom and living environments thanks to its modular storage / console system with wooding facing and stone top. It can be used in conjunction with a basin or on its own to display a television, books or other objects, with the additional advantage of the discreet storage solution offered by its drawers. The modular drawers and basins can be combined to create utmost flexibility, with a minimum length of 60 cm and from there, almost any possibility in multiples of 30 cm.
Adda is available in Bianco Carrara, Crema d’Orcia, Grigio Versilia, Silk Georgette®, Gris du Marais® and Pietra d’Avola.
Pictured in three different configurations.

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Adda Modular Drawer

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